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Feel like your gutters haven’t been working properly? Reach out to Simon, Inc. Our professional gutter cleaning services can restore your gutters to its original condition by getting rid of any dirt, mud, and grime buildups inside your gutter and downspout. We primarily serve clients from and near West Michigan.


Remember: routine cleaning is important to keep your gutters and home in tip-top shape. Neglect it, and the buildup may eventually lead to rusting, corrosion, mold growth, structural weakening, and harm to your siding or foundation.


We make sure that your gutter system is doing the work it was designed to do and perform comprehensive gutter cleaning as needed! Rest asurred that after a thorough gutter cleaning, they will be like if you just installed them brand new!

Signs You Need to Call for Gutter Cleaning Services

  • sagging gutter
  • vegetation growth in your gutters
  • damaged siding or brickwork
  • waterfalls of dirty water
  • overflow of the tops of gutters
  • clogged downspouts

Don’t let your gutters fail and let us ensure that your gutters are in optimal condition and that they will last as long as possible!

We Also Offer Gutter Brightening!

Do your gutters have black streaks from overflow? Let us bring your gutters back to their original color with our Gutter Brightening solutions


  • Clarksville, MI
  • Grand Rapids, MI
  • Ada, MI
  • Lowell, MI
  • Wyoming, MI
  • Lake Odessa, MI

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